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A job cover letter is in all likelihood your very first contact with an employer. The job cover letter is meant to be a means of introduction.

It is a medium of communication that is a little less formal than a resume, but a little more formal than just picking up the phone and inquiring about a listed position. Job cover letters should also pique interest in the accompanying document, your polished resume.

The job cover letter and a resume are such an important tandem, that hoping for a callback without it is a lot like a child opening a Christmas present and much to his chagrin found that the batteries are sold separately from the electronic gadget.

Here we focus our attention on the job cover letter because as in baseball you must run to first base before turning the corner and continuing on, so, too, must you work sequentially when making the initial contact with the employer. You can’t hit the ball and run to home base first. Neither should you present an employer with a resume without its companion, the job cover letter.

Does Every Job Require a Job Cover Letter?

Not all jobs require a  cover letter… just the ones you would like to be hired for! Actually, requirements are kind of beside the point in this discussion.

Whether or not the listed position you are applying for asks for one or not, it is almost always appropriate to include a job cover letter with your resume. The question, “Does every job require a job cover letter?” is akin to asking, “Do I only do the bare minimum I have to in my job (or in life) to get by?”

You can usually expect to sow what you reap. Employers are nearly always looking for the individual who will go the extra mile and spend the extra time to be excellent. How bad do you want the job? If it’s worth your while to send in a resume, it’s also worth the extra time to commit to personalize your approach with the attendant job cover letter to round out your efforts.

The Disadvantaged Resume Without a Job Cover Letter

Some people, when job hunting, will participate in resume “spamming.” While it is okay to send out resumes to several firms at once, it can be much less effective to send them to employers in an “untargeted” way.

You really are at a disadvantage when your resume doesn’t “shake hands” first through your ambassador, the cover letter. Just as you are not properly addressing your target audience by just sending out hundreds of resumes for jobs loosely related to your skillset and qualifications, neither are you setting yourself up for much success if you don’t have a very position-specific job cover letter.

Do you think that an employer would be more likely to look over a resume that is by itself, or conversely, feasts his eyes first upon something of a more personal nature? Reading a cover letter is kind of like being able to read a page out of a person’s diary.

If you could be a fly on the wall at the employer’s office you would see the interest lies far more often with the paired documents of a job cover letter and a resume than solely with a resume.

Constructing Job Cover Letters

Hopefully, now that you have become convinced of the utility of a thoughtful job cover letter, you are also empowered with some of the tools to make it happen — without much consternation.

If it does cause you a bit of anxiety to have to write a job cover letter for each unique job that you apply for, rest assured that there exists a great opportunity to plug into a painless procedure that makes writing a job cover letter a pleasant experience.

If you haven’t heard of the Amazing Cover Letter Creator, you are about to be very relieved! Once you try this seamless software, you’ll be hesitant to write another job cover letter without it!

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